At Osteria La Carbonella it’s like being home from home. Hospitality and courtesy are the special ingredients that welcome all our customers.
With Osteria La Carbonella’s unique and unmistakeable style, you’ll feel the family atmosphere as soon as you step in.


Osteria La Carbonella has been part of the historic heart of Milan since 1978.
Despite its many imitators,
Osteria La Carbonella remains
one of a kind.
Discover the restaurant’s history.

You and Us

Memories are indelible. They define who we have been and what we want to carry on being.
A restaurant lives thanks to its customers and their smiling faces. Look at the Gallery of Osteria La Carbonella’s guests.


Italy. Country of saints, poets and sailors.
We’ve got our very own Santo (Santo means ‘saint’ in Italian!): the owner. While Alessandro tries to be something of a poet and sailor, by telling us about the country and its delicacies.

Via Terraggio, 9 – Milano
Tel. 02 86 18 35

Opening Times

Monday 12.00-15.00 / 19.00-23.30
Tuesday 12.00-15.00 / 19.00-23.30
Wednesday 12.00-15.00 / 19.00-23.30
Thursday 12.00-15.00 / 19.00-23.30
Friday 12.00-15.00 / 19.00-23.30
Saturday 12.00-15.00 / 19.00-23.30
Sunday Closed except for reservations
Open throughout August 2015